Flesh of my Flesh

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the prats - disco pope

the avocados - i never knew

deconstruction vs reconstruction

Head music with energy (‘head’ meaning not cerebral or anti-dance but the sixties idea of a ‘head’, someone into turning on and tripping out)¬†

The Charles - Motorcycle

I’m not even white, I’m off-white. We’re a new race, we will prevail!


(Source: looknotes)

om outkast etc

  • T: http://nojesguiden.se/artiklar/valerie-kyeyune-backstrom-hipster-sverige-har-bekant-farg-forvaningen-over-outkasts
  • Minns när jag kuddslog queens of the stone age-killen i skåne? Bästa jag gjort i Embassy.
  • F: Du gjorde det endast iförd tajta kalsonger också. Topp 3 life. Bra text. Skönt att moralismen tas upp.

Clarke - Jak to Basics